Navratri and Deepavali Poojan

In accordance with Gurudev’s instructions, Navratri and Deepavali pran pratishith poojan packets are being readied. Each of these packets cost ₹. 480. As per Gurudev’s instructions, for people ordering both the samagri packets together, the cost will be ₹.900.

For people ordering Navratri and Deepavali poojan packet for ₹.900 together through VPP will receive the following additional gift,

  • Gurudev will shower his special blessings on the entire family that orders both the Navratri and Deepavali poojan together. To obtain this blessing, please send your (or family) member photo along with your form.
  • You can order both the packets (₹.480 + ₹.480) together for a total price of ₹.900 through VPP. Another easier option is to do direct transfer to Nikhil Mantra Vigyan, Jodhpur bank accounts in Union Bank A/c. 310001010036403 or SBI Bank A/c. 32677736690. Through this we can directly send the Navratri and Deepavali poojan packets through registered parcel.

For people ordering through Phone (0291-2638209, 02912624081), Fax (0291-5102540) or SMS (96023-34847), we will send the form along with the order.

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