Man and Tra – the two words fuse together to form mantra. In Sanskrit the word, man is not the mind, rather it is an amalgamation of your heart, soul and mind and tra refers to the protection.

Remember, reciting a mantra by reading a book is for the ignorant. It will not yield the desired result, because the Guru has not unlocked the energy lying within it.

You too can change your life with the mantras, if you surrender yourself to its energy and move from the mechanical chanting to the one filled with absolute love and joy. 

  • With the growing inclination on yoga and meditation, mantras are in the limelight. They are believed to be the panacea for all ills. Is it true?  Yes, because mantras are the sacred sounds; the cosmic vibrations. Therefore, mantras are  sacred sounds that protect you from any kind of emotional turbulence and can lead you to a stage where you can fructify your intent.
  • Simply put, mantas are the keys that can unlock the energy center within us. As you start repeating the mantras, there will be subtle changes within you. You may not notice those changes, but their results will be visible in the form of tranquillity which will start enveloping you. 
  • With time, mantras will manifest your intent and help your wishes come true because mantras can activate the energy lying dormant in your mooladhara or basal chakra. As the energy travels upward your intuition becomes sharper and your thoughts are clearer, 
  • Nikhil Mantra Vigyan is dedicated to bridging the gaps on mantras and the mindset of the people. In the Vedic tradition, there is a mantra for every important occasion of life because it is an invocation to the gods who fulfil our desireS. 
  • Swami Nikhileshwaranand devoted his life to revive the glorious tradition of mantras in every household and Gurudev Nand Kishore Shrimali has been instrumental in healing millions of lives through mantras. 
  • Shiva the Adi Guru has locked all the mantras, except the Gayatri mantra and Aum Namah Shiyaay and when a Guru transfers the mantra to a devout disciple to cure the illness affecting his life, the mantras become alive and can CHANGE  the way you have been viewing the world so far.
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