In search of God

Searching God as if searching for an object is incorrect. God is not an object, it is the name of ultimate perception who is light, joy and soul. He is not a person who can be met outside, he is the ultimate embellishment of self-consciousness.

Once someone asked a fakir, ‘If God exists, why is he not visible to us?’ the fakir replied, ‘God is not an object, he is an experience. There is no way to see him, Yes! You can definitely realise his awareness. However, the person was not convinced. The question was still filled in his eyes. The fakir took a big stone lying nearby and slammed it on his leg. He wound his leg and blood started oozing out of the wound. The person said, ‘what have you done? This would be hurting you a lot? What kind of madness is this? The fakir started laughing and said, ‘Suffering cannot be seen, but it still exists. Love is not visible, still it is experienced. In the same way is God too.’

What is visible in this world, they have power, what is invisible they have higher power compared to the one that is visible. To experience this one needs to go within the depth of one’s soul to achieve this capability that will enable one to touch and see Him. Not just eyes, to know God and experience Him one needs to bring in deeper understanding of Him. It’s only then that one realises that God is not outside that one can see but inside the person who seeks him.

God is not somebody to be searched, but somebody to be dug out. One who digs deeper inside oneself eventually through his will power experiences God.

Source: Nikhil Mantra Vigyan, July 2014

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