Interview With SadGurudev

Dr. Shrimali you are considered as one of the most distinguished personalities throughout the world. How do you feel on being flocked by so many admirers?

Basically, I am an inhabitant of Rajasthan and I have grown up in a very religious atmosphere. I was married off at a tender age and thus accomplished my Doctorate facing many problems and hardships. After that I decided to dedicate my whole life for the re-establishment of ancient lores of India, to introduce Mantra and Tantra to the society and Siddhashram Sadhak Parivaar has proved itself to be a solid foundation to my resolution.
Fine, for a moment, lets agree with the authenticity of the ‘Mantra’ and ‘Tantra’. But do we have experts of this field, even today?

Of course! But they usually maintain a distance from the society. They like to remain engrossed in their Sadhanas, in the natural caverns of the Himalayas. But through immovable determination one can reach them and acquire Diksha and wisdom through them. I personally know many such outstanding personalities who are established at the highest levels of Sadhana.
Mr. Shrimali, will you tell us your age?

You are making a big mistake if you are considering age as the duration between birth and death. It is but just a part of the continuance which we term life. You are considering physical age as everything, in which I am performing all my worldly tasks; but my spiritual age which has witnessed my renunciation, meditation and the ultimate attainment is beyond your viewing capabilities. Therefore, even if my physical age seems less my spiritual age is over thousands of years.
During what time did you perform your Sadhanas in the Himalayas?

People whose spiritual powers are activated can witness their previous lives. They remember each and every moment and the various Sadhanas that they had accomplished previously. I myself have spent about two thousand years doing penance in the extremities of. Himalayas, and I can recollect all those incidents; when I was lost in my meditation in the icy caverns, when I was accomplishing Sadhanas of the highest order, when I attained the realization of God and thus acquired totality of life. These incidents are closely related to my present life as even today I visit the Himalayas daily. During the day I remain amidst my householder disciples, whereas during the night I am totally occupied in guiding my ascetic disciples.

In fact you cannot realise anyone’s spiritual age through the medium of mind, therefore it is useless to challenge the age, life and the powers of a ‘Yogi.’ In fact there is no such ground on which we can criticize or counter them.
Is ‘Siddhashram’ a reality, or is it your imagination?

‘Siddhashram’ is real and authentic. It is the greatest goal of spirituality and a lot has been mentioned about it in various ancient scriptures. It is a divine Ashram’ which extends for many miles, to the North of Mansarovar & Kailash. But being covered by a thick layer of ozone, nobody can see it and it is also not possible to take its picture from a plane or a satellite.

There is nothing such as death in this celestial land of elixir. Everybody is free from all kinds of sorrows, weakness, and anxieties. All seem to be savouring the effects of pleasure, juvenility and happiness. Even today one can see the great Yogis like Vashishtha. Vishwamitra, Garg, Atri, Kanad, Shri Krishna, Shankaracharya etc. wandering about, and can converse with them for acquiring guidance in various Sadhanas. In fact it is the duty of Siddhashrami’ to maintain the equilibrium between materialism and spiritualism, and to work it out extraordinary Yogis present themselves in this world, from time to time.

A person can enter ‘Siddhashram’ only through spiritual powers and only then he achieves the totality of life.
Won’t the people become indolent if you involve them in the golden dreams of Mantra and Tantra?

There is no question of becoming indolent because diligence is very essential in the field of Sadhana. When you cannot subjugate even a person these days, then imagine the assiduousness with which one has to work, to subjugate the supernatural powers. It requires total dedication, hard work, and the ability to utilize every moment and that too while performing the duties of the household, Only then the person will be able to transform himself into a rational, civilized and a diligent personality.

You have claimed to have solved difficult problems through Tantra. Is it a fact, or a medium to acquire publicity?

Tantra and Mantra have been created to make the human life more successful and pleasurable. Just try and perform these Mantras yourself in a systematic way, and surely all the, problems of your life will drift away. But it requires accurate pronunciation of the Mantras, authentic Sadhana material and proper guidance. Many of my disciples have attained the zenith of success through them, in a matter of days, and today they are considered as eminent personalities of the society.

But our scientists don’t approve the authenticity of Mantra-Tantra, and the intellectual class also makes fun about it.

The scientists can’t approve it, they have their own limitations and therefore their intellectual capabilities cease on crossing these limits. They find themselves helpless in penetrating the world of spirituality. In fact the commencement of Sadhana begins only after the termination of science.

Therefore it is useless to compare the two. However, even the western scientists have accepted the transcendental powers of the Yogis and they are researching in this field.

And if people make fun about it, it only specifies their narrow mentality. Those who are incompetent themselves, can do nothing but make fun of others. And it is wise to ignore fools.
We have heard that you can know about the previous life of a person, through Hypnotism?

Yes, it is not a difficult task. The field of Hypnotism’ is very vast, and the present life of a person is related to his previous lives. Therefore an eminent hypnotist can peer into the previous life, solve the mysteries pertaining to the present misfortunes and if he is accomplished with spiritual powers, he can also destroy the ill effects of the previous deeds, with the help of ‘Yogic’ practices.
Are Gods and Godesses real?

Of course! All the Gods and Goddesses mentioned in our scriptures are real, and one can acquire their glimpse by performing their respective Sadhanas. But for this, it is very necessary to dedicate yourself completely in the feet of the deity. There is no place for doubt in this field. Lord Krishna had also quoted in the Gita that ‘Sanshayaatama Vinashyati’ i.e. a doubting mind leads to destruction.

Therefore it is useless to hope for divine favours unless you are pure within.
How can we believe their existence when we can’t see them? This is nothing but misleading the people.

I ask you whether you have seen the Niagara falls of Canada? If no, then how come you have accepted it’s existence? And suppose if you deny its presence then also it will remain there. In the same way the Gods and Goddesses are .real, and even you can acquire their glimpse after attaining a certain level in spirituality.

Basically we consider only those things authentic, which we are able to see, when in fact it is but just a millionth part of the creation. The whole universe is distributed into two parts–physical and metaphysical. And this metaphysical universe is beyond our realisation. It consists of many worlds which are unique in every way in comparison to the physical one and a person can enter it only through the power of Sadhana.
Will you perform some of your skills in front of us?

It is not a juggler’s play, which can be exhibited everywhere; only those people perform miracles who are mean and want to meet their selfish ends. The ambition of my life is to perform reliable tasks and I am determined to do so. Miracles always prove to be obstacles in this field, therefore even if you put faith in me or not, I cannot step down from my principles.

However, miracles can be experienced from time to time, and can only be exhibited under special circumstances.
Do you have a Guru, or are you keen on proving yourself as accomplished?

I am nothing but a particle of dust and am performing all these deeds on the order of my Guru who is my soul and life. My Gurudev, Paramhans Swami Sachidanand is the most eminent personality of the spiritual world and is the organizer of Siddhashram. Though I will return back to him, as soon as he orders me, my disciples will continue to kindle the flame of Mantra-Tantra in the hearts of millions.
We also want to meet your Guru.

It is simply impossible for an ordinary person. He remains in ‘Siddhashram’ and as I have cleared earlier, he can be contacted only through Sadhana.

Even the Gods are eager to acquire his glimpse. It is possible only through the help of a Guru related to the Siddhashram, and thus a person can meet him after accomplishing ‘Sadhanas’ of the highest order.
Your disciples consider you as a manifestation of God. Have you hypnotised them?

It is their feeling, that they say so. It is not my wish to be called a God. I only want to remain a human being; and there is no need to hypnotise the disciples because they are all inseparable part of my heart and there is no place for meanness in this relationship. You can understand this exalted state only after becoming a disciple. And you can consider the Guru in any form because in this field one gains according to one’s devotion. This is a world of emotions completely liberated from the grasp of the materialistic world.
The country is undergoing tumultuous conditions. Isn’t it your duty to solve the problems of the nation through your divinity, when you can accomplish impossible feats in seconds?

Whatever I am doing is for the benefit of mankind and it is my duty to do so. Nevertheless no Yogi normally tries to interrupt with the possibilities of nature. Also there is a special time for every task. It will however be more honourable if we triumph over the opposite circumstances through our efforts and Sadhanas.
How many disciples of yours have been able to attain ‘Siddhis’ (powers)? Will you introduce them to us?

I am very lucky to have such disciples, who have proved their ability by acquiring success in distinguished Sadhanas and attaining Siddhis’ of the highest level. Some of them have even visited Siddhashram’. Among these successful disciples there are people pertaining to different classes of society and the women have not lagged behind. In the future all my disciples will come forward, illuminating the whole world like the Sun, and will represent the spiritual age. They will give a new direction; a new light to the society and thus will be able to drive away the darkness from the minds of millions.
Only time will decide (if it is right or wrong). But please tell us about the different knowledges and lores that one can achieve through you?

You are quite right, time is the best judge. Nevertheless, I had an inclination towards every ancient knowledge of India and today most of the people visit me with the hope of acquiring knowledges like Astrology, Karnikand, Tantra, Mantra, Ayurved, Paarad Vigyan. Surya Vigyan, Hypnotism etc. I have my own criteria for an eligible disciple, and a half hearted person cannot stand my test.

But those who are determined, face all the challenges smilingly. The flame of Sadhana continues to ignite in their hearts and thus they become precious jewels, of this field, in future. My doors are always open to such aspirants who are willing to sacrifice themselves for achieving these extraordinary knowledge.
What are your future plans? To increase the number of disciples, to establish your institution at an international level or to rebuild the nation?

I don’t wish for a train of disciples. My institution is based on humanitarian principles and it will surely reach the top. Every alert aspirant will surely come in its contact. Nobody is satisfied in today’s social order. Everybody desires to rise upward and view life in a more pleasant way. It is my wish that every person of society achieves success; a desire for wisdom, imagination, spiritualism is born in them and thus they mould a new life with the assistance of Sadhanas. Then only ‘my’ presence will be justified, then only this vast institution will prove its utility and then only the human life will achieve totality. I dedicate all the moments of my life, and every drop of my blood, for the cause of such a sacred purpose.

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